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The North Elm Cemetery Association

The North Elm Cemetery Association

The North Elm Cemetery is maintained by and the responsibility of the North Elm Cemetery Association, a 501(C)(3) non profit organization.

The Association was established in 1958 and oversees the day to day operations of the Cemetery.

When the first trustees of the cemetery died and the others moved away, the cemetery was left unattended to grow over. In 1969, the Association was re-established with new trustees who, through the years, have gathered donations to fund maintainance of the cemetery.

The Association sponsors an annual all day picnic and business meeting held in the month of May, on the Saturday prior to Mother's Day weekend. Their goal is for the Cemetery to serve as a tribute to the many people and their families who contributed to the founding of North Elm and surrounding communities.

A responsibility to assure descendants the Cemetery will always be a vital and active part of the community and the history contained therein will live forever.

Annual Meeting

Every year the North Elm Cemetery Association holds its Annual Meeting on the 1st Saturday in May at the North Elm Cemetery.

10:00 a.m. Registration and Silent Auction bidding begins
11:00 a.m. Annual Meeting

Lunch will follow the meeting. Bring your favorite vegetable, salad or dessert, the meat will be furnished. Drinks, paper goods and cutlery will be provided. Enjoy the day with family and friends. An invitation is extended to all members, guests and their families, everyone is welcome.

Don't forget your silent auction items and lots of money to buy other items. The auction will be held during the meeting and lunch, giving everyone an opportunity to bid. Winners will be announced after lunch.

The cemetery as always is in need of your donation to keep our cemetery taken care of. If you cannot make the meeting, please send your donation.

Take this opportunity to learn about the history of the Cemetery and the Community.

North Elm Cemetery Association
P.O. Box 14
Cameron, TX 76520


North Elm Common School District No. 56 - 1938

Top Row: (Left to Right): Iona Coley, Vida Lee Fuller, Neta Ruth Fuller, Geraldine Sneed, Dora Angell, Audrey Hurry

Second Row: Miss Josie Gibbs, Helen Stevens, Salamon boy, Douglas Houston, Elsie Helen Klapa, Delma Coley, Richard (Pedro) Dickey, Johnnie Fay Fuller, Aileen Fuller, Mr. Austin Childress

Third Row: Verna B. Fuller, Elree Fuller, Esell Dickey, Anna Louise Airsman, Doris Dell Stevens, Doris Phipps, Leola Angell, Marie Placky, Miss Mary Houston

Fourth Row: Doris Ruth Donaldson, Cruze girl, Erwin Salamon, Margie Hrovacky, Mary Ruth Canady, Betsy Richards, Joy Marie Stevens, Grace Donaldson

Front Row: Johnny Harovacky, E. L. Angell, Johnnie Phipps, J. D. Slovak, Cruze boy, Boyd Lane Hurry, Elton Hudson

North Elm Common School District No. 56 - 1937

Back Row: Carl Canady, Leola Angell, Mildred Canady, Flo Gunnels, Joe Kostiha, Edna Mae Houston, Mary Kostiha, Johnnie Richards, Roy Hensley, Peggy Bryant.

Second Row: Adolf Kostiha, Aileen Fuller, Doris Dell Stevens, Verna B. Fuller, Marie Plachy, Lydia Kostiha, Vida Lea Fuller, Anna Louise Arisman, Vlasta Kopriva, Douglas Houston.

Third Row: Charles Rochaway, Boyd Lane Hurry, Buddy Canady, Goober Richards, Albery Kostiha, Milush Kostiha, Johnnie Fay Fuller, Doris Ruth Donaldson, Henry Richards, John L. Perkins.

Fourth Row: Cruze girl, Cruze girl, Marjorie Rochaway, Mary Ruth Canady, Billie Lou Fuller, Bertha Lou Kostiha, Correne Massey, Joy Marie Stevens, Betsy Richards, Gerildene Richards.

Front Row: Cruze boy, Frank Cruze, Cruze boy, Buster Perkins, Leo Kostiha, Delma Coley, Frank Bryant, Ray Perkins.