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J. C. Perkins Pension Fund and Other Documents (original HTML)

J. C. Perkins Pension Fund and Other Documents (original HTML)

Reproduced from the holding of the Texas State Archives, File no

Reproduced from the holding of the Texas State Archives, File No. 34093.

Transcribed as written.  Text in italics and underlined was handwritten in the documents.

                               SOLDIER=S APPLICATION FOR A PENSION

The Commissioner of Pensions reserves the right to call for additional testimony if he deems it necessary.

                                                              Name of Applicant

                          J. C. Perkins, Milam County, Postoffice Cameron Rt. 3

                                                Filed      March 1917                           

                                               Approved         April 30, 1917             

                                               Pension allowed from     June 1 1917   

                                                Signed              J. C. Jones                  

                                                         Commissioner of Pensions

                          For Use of Soldiers Who are in Indigent Circumstances


County of        Milam                  

I,       J. C. Perkins        do hereby make application to the Commissioner of Pensions for a pension to be granted me under the Act passed by the Thirty-third Legislature of the State of Texas, and approved April 7, 1913, on the follow grounds:

I enlisted and served in the military service of the Confederate States during the war between the State of the United States and that I did not desert the Confederate service, but during said war I was loyal and true to my duty, and never at any time voluntarily abandoned my post of duty in the said service; or (that I was in the service of the State of Texas during the war, to protect said State against the Indians and Mexicans for more than 6 months).  That I was honorably discharged or surrendered        I was paroled in North Carolina in 1865 where Gen. Joseph E. Johnston surrendered.         (Give date and cause.)  that I have been a bona fide citizen of this State since prior to January 1, A.D. 1900, and have been continuously since a citizen of the State of Texas.  I do further state that I do not hold any National, State, city or county office which pays me a salary or fees of $300.00 per annum, nor have I an income from any other employment or other source whatever which amounts to $300.00 per annum, nor do I receive from any source whatever money or other means of support amounting in value to the sum of $300.00 per annum, nor do I own in my own right, nor does any one hold in trust for my benefit or use, nor does my wife own, nor does any one hold in trust for my wife, estate or property, either real, personal or mixed, either in fee or for life, of the assessed value of over one thousand dollars, exclusive of a home of the value of not more than $1000.00; nor do I receive any aid or pension from any other State, or from the United States, or from any other source, and that I am not an inmate of the Confederate Home, and I do further state that the answers given to the follow questions are true:

1.         What is your age?         I am 83 past.                                                                

2.         Where were you born?      I was born in Bibb Co. Alabama on Aug. 1, 1833   

3.         How long have you resided in Texas?     Since 1867.                                       

4.         In What county do you reside?        Milam County                                           

5.         How long have you resided in said county, and what is your postoffice address?

  I have resided in Milam County since 1870. My P.O. is Cameron, Texas Rt. 3. I live             in Village of Yarrellton.                                                                       

6.         Have you applied for a pension under the Confederate pension law and been rejected? If rejected, state when and where        No.                                                                 

7.         What is your occupation, if able to engage in one?  farmer.  What is your physical condition?        Very feeble.                                                                                       

8.         In what state was the command in which you served organized?       Alabama.          

9.         How did you serve?  Give, if possible, the date of enlistment and discharge    I served 4 years.  I enlisted on April 14, 1861 and surrendered in 1865.                                 

10.      What was the letter of your company, number of battalion, regiment or battery?            Company H. 20th Alabama, Pettis Brigade Stephens Division.                             

11.      If transferred from one command to another, give time of transfer, name of command and time of service.         No.                                                                                     

12.      What branch of the service did you enlist in - infantry, cavalry, artillery or navy?                Infantry.                                                                                                              

13.      If commissioned direct by the President, what was your rank and line of duty?    I went as orderly, sergeant.  I surrendered as Captain.                                                       

14.      If detailed for special service, under the law of conscription, what was the nature of your service and how long did you serve?           --------                                           

15.      What is the assessed value of your home, if you own a home?      Do not own home.

16.      What is the assessed value of your other property?    Do not own other property.     

17.      Have you transferred to others any property of any kind for the purpose of becoming a beneficiary under this law?       No.                                                                          

Wherefore your petitioner prays that his application for a pension be approved and such other proceedings be had in the premises as are required by law.

(Signature of Applicant)    J. C. Perkins                                           Sworn to and subscribed before me, this     5th   day of     March                    A.D.  191

       W. G. Gillis                                          

[Seal]                                                                               County Judge      Milam      County, Texas

                                                AFFIDAVIT OF WITNESSES

                                [Note. - There must be at least two creditable witnesses.]


County of        Milam                        

Before me            W. G. Gillis             , County Judge of               Milam               County, State of Texas, on this day personally appeared          Jeff T. Kemp                                                 known to me to be creditable citizens, who, b4eing by me duly sworn, on oath state that they personally know         J. C. Perkins            , the above named applicant for a pension, and that they personally know that the said        J. C. Perkins           has been a bona fide resident citizen of the state of Texas since prior to January 1, A.D. 1900, and that they have no interest in his claim.

(Signature of Witness)        Jeff T. Kemp                             

(Signature of Witness)        Wm. R. Rogers                         

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this      5th     day of           March         A.D. 191   7  

                   W. G. Gillis                   

[Seal]                                                                                         County Judge   Milam County, Texas


I,     Jno. Brack    , State and County Assessor in the County of    Milam   State of Texas, do certify that   J. C. Perkins , or his wife, or his trustee, or trustee for his wife, whose name is signed to the foregoing application for a pension, under the Act of the Thirty-third Legislature, approved April 7, 1913, is charged on the tax rolls of said county with a homest4ead of the value of   No   Dollars, and of other property, real or personal, or both, of the value of        No                  Dollars.

Given under my hand, this     19th     day of                     March                   , A.D. 191   7

          Jno. Brock                             

                                                In           Milam            County, Texas

                                     Before the Honorable County Judge of said County


                                                   J. C. Perkins              

                                      Applicant for Confederate Pension



                                                               William T. Caudle               

THE STATE OF       Texas      

County of        Runnels                                                           I,         O. L. Parish County Judge    

do hereby certify that       William T. Caudle      Is personally known to me to be creditable citizens of said County and State, and that the foregoing answers of              William T. Caudle             signed the foregoing deposition, were made before me and were sworn to and subscribed before me, by said witness         William T. Caudle                                                                                        

[Seal]                                                                 O. L. Parish County Judge, Runnels County Texas

                                                                          In Re

                                           Application for Confederate Pension

                                             FOR USE OF SOLDIERS OR WIDOWS

                                                          Milam                        County, Texas

                                       Pending before the County Judge of said County


                                                                    J. C. Perkins                          



                                                                  propounded to

                                                            William T. Caudle                       


             J. C. Perkins                         

Applicant for Confederate Pension  

Pending in          Milam         County, Texas, before the Honorable County Judge of said County.  The Honorable County Judge of      Runnels       County, Texas, will please take notice that, five days after service hereof, applicant herein will apply to the Clerk of the County Court of said County and State for a commission to take the depositions of          Caudle             who resides in the County of          Runnels             in the state of     Texas       in answer to the following interrogatories and such cross interrogatories as may be propounded by the County Judge of said County, which will be read in evidence upon the hearing of applicant=s claim for pension in behalf of applicant; said testimony is material and indispensable to applicant in furnishing the required proof of   his   claim for a pension under the Act of April 7, 1913, the application for which is now pending before the Honorable County Judge, and the facts necessary and required to be proven under the provisions of said act, applicant believes cannot be proven by any witness residing in the County of     Milam     and State of Texas, which       he      is a bona fide resident.

           J. C. Perkins                                     

(Applicant)   Attorney               for Applicant.

                              Direct Interrogatories to be Propounded to Witness

Int. 1.  What is your name?  Age?  Place of residence and postoffice address?

Int. 2.  Do you personally know, or did you at anytime know     J. C. Perkins    who is an applicant for pension under Act of April 7, 1913?

Int. 3.  How long had you known the said     J. C. Perkins     and when and where did you first know him?

Int. 4.  Do you personally know that the said    J. C. Perkins    enlisted in the service of the Confederacy and performed the duties of a soldier or a sailor?

Int. 5.  Do you personally know in what company and regiment the said    J. C. Perkins    enlisted and served in the Confederate Army?  When?  Where?  And the time of service?  If you personally knew and so have stated that he enlisted and served in the Confederate navy, then state: When?  Where?  And how long he so served?

Int. 6.  Do you personally know that    J. C. Perkins    was commissioned as an officer directly by the President of the Confederate States?  What was his rank and line of duty?

Int. 7.  Do you know further if   J. C. Perkins    was, under the provisions of the conscript law, detailed for any kind of special service in the field, shops, armories, etc., of the Confederacy?  What was the nature of his service, and how long did he serve?

                                                CROSS INTERROGATORIES

To be propounded to      William T. Caudle     

Cross Interrogatory 1. If, in answer to the foregoing direct interrogatories, you have stated that you personally know or did know said   J. C, Perkins   and that you know that he enlisted in the service of the Confederacy and performed the duties of a soldier or sailor and having named the company and regiment, or special service in which   J. C, Perkins   so listed and served, then please state fully what is your source of such knowledge?  And state whether or not you know or at any time knew of any other soldier or sailor by the name of   J. C. Perkins   serving in the same company or regiment, or special service in which you say the said   J. C. Perkins   enlisted, if you have stated that said   J. C. Perkins   enlisted and served in the navy of the Confederacy, then state whether or not you know any other soldier or sailor of the same name as said   J. C. Perkins   applicant serving in the same command, or the special service to which he was assigned?  If you say that you know other soldiers or sailors of the same name of   J. C. Perkins   then can you and how do you identify and locate the one from the other or others?

Cross Int. 2.  Are positively certain that said   J. C. Perkins   is the identical person serving as testified by you?

Cross Int. 3.  Do you know whether or not the said   J. C. Perkins   served honorably from the date of his enlistment until the close of the late Civil War between the States or until he was discharged from said company and regiment, or the special service to which he had been assigned?

Cross Int. 4.  Do you know whether or not the said   J. C. Perkins   deserted his command, or voluntarily abandoned his post of duty or the service during said war?


County of          Milam        

I,   W. G. Gillis , County Judge of said County, in the State, do hereby waive copy of interrogatories, notice, time and issuance of commission, and it is hereby agreed that the answers to the hereinabove direct and cross interrogatories of the said herein named witness may be attached hereto.

        W. G. Gillis                                         

County Judge       Milam         County, Texas

   J. C. Perkins                                             

(Applicant) Attorney                 for Applicant

EX-PARTE                                    IN RE APPLICANT FOR CONFEDERATE PENSION

                J. C. Perkins                                   Under Act March 26, 1909, pending in       County Court    

Applicant for Confederate Pension.               before the Honorably County Judge of said County.

Answers and depositions of      William T. Caudle      To the accompanying interrogatories    both direct and cross   propounded to him in the above entitled cause taken before   O. L. Parish, County Judge .

To the First Interrogatory the said   William T. Caudle   Witness, answers   William T. Caudle.  My age is 75 years.  My residence and postoffice address is Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas

To the Second Interrogatory he answers:    I have known the applicant J. C. Perkins for a number of years, even before the war and since have known him personally .

To the Third Interrogatory he answers:    I knew J. C. Perkins him in Bibb County, Ala. Before the war and served with him during the war .

To the Fourth Interrogatory he answers:    Yes, the service of a soldier .

To the Fifth Interrogatory he answers:      Yes.  He enlisted in Company H. of the 20th Ala. In 1861, at Marion, Perry County, Ala. and served till the end of the war .

To the Sixth Interrogatory he answers:    I do not know that he was commissioned directly by the Prest. Of the Confederate States.  He served the ranks as, 3rd, 2nd, Lieut. And Capt. 

To the Seventh Interrogatory he answers:    He was not .


To the first cross interrogatory the said William T. Caudle, Witness, answers, I was personally associated the J. C. Perkins.  I do not know of another J. C. Perkins in the same command.

To second cross interrogatory he answers: Yes.

To third cross interrogatory he answers: Yes I know personally that he did.

To fourth cross interrogatory he answers: I know that he did not.

W. G. Gillis

Judge, Milam County

Cameron, Texas

March 19th 1917.

Hon. J. C. Jones,

Commissioner of Pensions,

Austin, Texas,

Capitol Station.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed herewith you will find the application of J. C. Perkins for Confederate Pension, Please file and advise me as to disposition of same.

Yours truly,

W. G. Gillis


                                             HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES U. S.

                                                                 COMMITTEE ON

                                           EXPENDITURES IN THE NAVY DEPARTMENT

                                                              WASHINGTON, D. C.

                                                                  March 8, 1917

Hon. H. P. McCain,

Adjutant General,

War Department,


Dear Sir,

I enclose herewith letter from Mr. J. C. Perkins of Cameron, Texas which explains itself.

Please favor me by having the record of this man looked up and returned to me with the enclosed letter as soon as possible.   

Very truly,

Enc.                                                                                                       Rufus Hardy 

Handwritten note on bottom of page:

Mr. J. C. Perkins                                                                                  Washington, D.C. 

Cameron, Texas                                                                                  3/13/17

Dear Sir:

Am just enclosing this with its endorsement together with your letter to me which I must meet the situation your needs.

Very truly,

  Rufus Hardy 

                                                           WAR DEPARTMENT

                                                 THE ADJUTANT GENERAL=S OFFICE,


2547567                                                                                              March 10, 1917

                                                          Respectfully returned to

                                         Hon. Rufus Hardy, House of Representatives

The records show that James C. Perkins, 1st sergeant, Co. H, 20th Alabama Inf. C.S.A., was enlisted Sept. 10, 1861, at Marion, Ala., and on the muster roll of the company for January and February, 1863, last on file, he is reported present.

The Union Prisoner of War records show that as sergeant of Co. H, he was captured and paroled at Vicksburg, Miss. During the period from July 4 to 8, 1863, and that as 2d lieutenant, Co. C. he was paroled at Salisbury, N. C., May 2, 1865, in accordance with the terms of the Military Convention of April 26, 1865.

      H. P. McCain    

1 incl.                                                                                                  The Adjutant Genera

                               APPLICATION FOR MORTUARY WARRANT


County of    Milam     

I,   C. R. Powell   do hereby certify that I am the person to whom is entrusted the paying of the accounts and indebtedness of the late   J. C. Perkins , who was a pensioner of the State of Texas, and whose file number was   34093   and whose original county was   Milam .

The said pensioner   Cap=t. J. C. Perkins , died on the   28th   day of   February , 1925, in the town of   Yarrellton   County of   Milam , Texas.

The pensioner died in the home of   C. R. Powell   who was related to the pensioner as   son in law .

That the warrant, which application is hereby made for, shall be applied to paying all or part of the expenses incurred by the said pensioner   James C. Perkins .

I further certify that the warrant for the current quarter has not been cashed by the pensioner, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I am related to the pension as (Friend)   son in law   that my postoffice address is   Cameron, Texas Route 3, Cameron Texas .

  C. R. Powell                        

Sworn to before me this   7th   day of   March , 192 5 .

  Jeff J. Kemp                         

County Judge in and for   Milam Co  , State of Texas

                                               CERTIFICATE OF UNDERTAKER

I,   J. H. Sapp , do certify that I am undertaker in the town of   Cameron   County of Milam, State of Texas that I had charge of the body of   James C. Perkins , who died in the town of Yarrellton , County of Milam , State of Texas on the 28th day of February , 192 5 .  That said body was prepared for burial by me on the   1st   day of   March , 192   5 , and that I am of the opinion that warrant herein applied for should be issued to the said   C. R. Powell   who makes the foregoing application.

Signed   J. H. Sapp                


                                                  CERTIFICATE OF PHYSICIAN

I,    J. Z. Young, M.D. , do certify that I am a practicing physician and that I attended   James C. Perkins   in his last illness, and am of the opinion that his ailments were   Chronic Interstitial Nephritis .  I further certify that I am of the opinion that the Mortuary Warrant above requested should be issued in the name of the aforementioned applicant, in accordance with Act passed by the Thirty-eighth Legislature, and approved March 2, 1923.

Signed J. Z. Young, M.D.      

Physician=s Address   Buckholts, Texas         

                                                                 JEFF T. KEMP

                                                   COUNTY JUDGE, MILAM COUNTY

                                                               CAMERON, TEXAS

State of Texas

County of Milam

Before me, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared J. F. Gibbs,   P. Aikman & C. T. Gibbs   known to me to be credible person, who being by me, duly sworn deposes and says that we were present at the detah of the late Captain J. C. Perkins, who died at about 2:25 A.M., we took notice of the time and we are sure that he died between the hours of two and three on Sunday morning March 1 1925 and we know that he did not die on February 28, 1925.

     J. F. Gibbs                       

     P. Aikman                        

     C. T. Gibbs                       

Subscribed and sworn to before me this   23rd   day of April 1925

     Jeff T. Kemp                     

  Co Judge Milam Co Texas  

Handwritten note on bottom of page:

Mr. Terrell: I send this at the request of C. T. Powell, Cameron R3.

Yours truly,

Jeff T. Kemp